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Again Hostess Miriam ! Again Hostess Miriam ! from To night, to morrow Casanova Club
Hallo Gentlemen!
At first. i write again. something before not completed.
. My name is Miriam.
I'm a sexy lady. Only 23 years young.
I'm from Spain. Long dark hair. 165 cm. Dress size 36.
This week I will come to Club Casanova. I hope I can find nice gentlemen there who know what sexy ladies love. Not just sweet words. I am one of the sexy hostesses from all over Germany and not a cheap class. Anyone who has been with me will keep coming back
With me come many girlfriends
Jana 22nd Eastern Europe,... Dana 30 Germany,.... Kristina 24 Southern Europe, ... Anja 22 Southern Europe,..... Daria 20 Southern Europe, ... Maya 20 Southern Europe, ... Ina 31 Southern Europe, ... Lena from Turkey 27,...... Vera 36 polish ..., Monika 36 polish, ... Leonie polish 22,...... Diana 28 Spain, ... Ina 24 Southern Europe, ... Ronny 29 Germany, ... Jes 26 Germany, ... Laura 27 Romania, ... Vicky 42 polish,...... Ola from Poland 33,...... Alicia 19 Southern Europe,...... Kitty 24 polish.
We are all self-employed "hostesses " and work at our own risk and account. We all want the men who were with us never to forget us. We make you and everyone happy. We all know very well what men like and are open to almost all desires. We are almost without taboos!
We hope to meet you and His friend soon at Casanova. 8pm-6am. Some of us will also like to go with you to your hotel if you don't like it at Casanova. There are also great rooms that you can rent.
P.S. We only take cash